The hassle free way to enjoy your home

For Hanami Group, customer satisfaction is a priority. We offer various personalised and tailor-made services to our clients to guarantee a perfect stay in their property. In addition, we provide cleaning and maintenance services and check amenities such as electricity, water, internet, and alarms.

Our services


Regular Inspections

Our company specialises in carrying out periodic property inspections. We offer a full inspection service, diagnosing and repairing any problems found. We aim to keep the property in perfect condition and protect our client's investment. We carry out a complete inspection of the property and inform you of any issues found and their solution.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Focused on personalised services for our clients, we also offer cleaning and maintenance services to keep the property in perfect condition. We have several service packages available and can also provide custom services.

Special Arrangements

For our clients to fully enjoy their property, we cater to all their requests and are delighted to help them organise different services according to their needs.

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